Children will surely admire the Haflinger horses or our sheep kept in Casaglia.  The two horses are not meant for riding, but you can caress them and are happy if you feed them with apples or just simply hay.   We have around 10 sheep, and if you're lucky, also cute little lambs which you can take in your arms and caress them.

Our most popular habitant though is our dog Bonek.  He loves children and vice versa.  He walks around freely and is always ready for a caress or a happy walk.   Our cat Stella shows up now and then when it feels like having company. 

We keep beautiful white doves, symbol for peace, in Casaglia.  They are free during the day, during summer, and in the evenings they fly back to their cages where they are fed and kept safe.

Please announce in advance in case you want to bring your pet along.

animali 1bonekstella