Feel free to create your own "wellnessprogramm".  The first warming sunrays, the fresh smell of green grass and the sound of the morning music of the birds is a real balsam for the soul and the body.   In Casaglia you will find spots in the beautiful nature where you can relax far away from the daily hectic.   Watching the magical sunrise over the harmonious Tuscan valleys are unforgettable,  you can even meditate over the red sun disappearing in the sea.

Worth experiencing is a bath in the clear sea of Marina di Cecina (loc. Le Gorrete) at sunset.  Just jump in the car, have a 25 minute drive along the Tuscan landscape in order to take a relaxing swim in the evening when beaches are empty and where restaurants offer excellent fish.  

Pamper your skin with the Anti-stress body oil ideal for massage and afterbath.  This splendid product, which you will find in our boutique, wraps your body in a pleasant sensation of well-being.  Based on bioligical extra virgin olive oil and organic Avocado oil, this body oil guarantees wellness.