Waking up early in the morning in order to catch the stunning sunrise over the valley of Cecina is surely a unforgettable start of an inspiring walk in the paths of the hill of Casaglia.  You will have a high chance of spotting wild animals such as falcons, deers, foxes, boars, porcupines..

You can take a cosy 45-minute walk starting from the courtyard of Casaglia following the paths around the hill, breathing in fresh landscape air and admire the landscape, leading you back where you started.  This route is also popular for guests who evenly  enjoy jogging around the castle grounds of  Tenuta di Casaglia, a large round-about calculating a distance of around 500 metres.   

Starting from Casaglia, you can also have a 1 and a half-hour walk amidst the intact nature leading you to the Chapel of Saint Lucy, a little antique chapel recently renovated (2013),  where you can have a rest under the high trees, where you will find an  ideal private picnic area with wooden tables and banks offering panoramic views.