Our boutique offers the recognized "Montescudaio D.O.C."  wine of Casaglia as well as our own extra virgin olive oil, of golden green colour, its rich aroma tasting slightly like almonds and sometimes even like peach.  At the turn of the third millenium, the extra virgin olive oil is still a sacred and mystic element tied to the territory.  It is a fundamental product of Mediterranean agriculture, food culture, and diet, thanks to its organoleptic properties and its undoubted nutritional value and, according to the most recent research, manifold healthy aspects.

The luxury Tuscan land-life offers, is the high quality of local products rich of taste and healthy ingredients, and that in each season of the year.  Try the Cecina market on Tuesday mornings, and you will find the freshest cheese products, colourful fruits and vegetables well treated under the Italian sun, fresh fish and meat.

You will find typical regional products in the small grocery store in Casino di Terra (3 km), or in various big supermarkets in Cecina (15 km) where you can find high quality food.  


In our boutique we are also proud to present to you the first cosmetic line with biological tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP "Prima Spremitura".  The extra virgin olive oil is not only a fundamental product of food culture but also, is recognized by  international scientists and in dermatological studies, as our skin's Number One Ally.  After the correct control and certification the oil is used as it comes from the press so that all the benefits of this precious active ingredient are transmitted to the skin to nourish, moisten and protect it.  As the Tuscan Oil is rich of Vitamin E, it is particularly suitable as a screen against free radicals which cause ageing.   

Give your skin a treat during your holidays...