Away from mass tourist places and surrounded by nature still intact, Tenuta di Casaglia offers you sun, peace and quiet. It is a dream location for family holidays, while musicians and other artists have found here their inspiration and desire to perform and create.

"La vita e' dolce qui..."


Welcome to Tenuta di Casaglia 

in the heart of Tuscany!

An authentic, family owned hilltop village 

 situated on the Etruscan Riviera  

 in close vicinity of historical Tuscan cities. 



 "I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head..."






    Tuscany in Spring.  Don´t miss it!  It is time to enjoy the colours of the blooming flowers, to relax under the Tuscan sun and to enrich yourself with cultural trips thanks to the extraordinary and free openings of all State museums and archaeological areas throughout all Tuscany in Spring 2018.

Casaglia has opened the gates for you and offers typical Tuscan appartments as well as the swimming-pool which opens on May 1st.

We have still appartments left in Summer!  

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